About Us

Exult beauty organic skin was founded in 2021. I wanted to provide the best skincare ingredients but also provide results. I would find myself trying different skincare brands and using about 10 different products at night to make sure my skin would stay healthy but it never helped and I would also end up breaking out more. I thought one day why not develop a easy skincare regimen that has specific ingredients that are all natural and specific for the issue most people are looking for, which is less acne, less dark spots, glowing skin, and prevent wrinkles. I sat back and did research on what natural ingredients target those specific problems and found a manufacturer here in the usa that could help develop these products. I used them myself for about 4 months and I cant go back to any other skincare regimen! I wanted to share this with as many people as I could so each customer can see the amazing results for themselves. Not only natural but targeted to those specific imperfections!